Questions about your Visa Prepaid card?

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Prepaid cards

Make the most of your Visa Prepaid card.

Getting started with Visa Prepaid

Learn how to activate and load your Visa Prepaid card in a few easy steps.

Ways to load your card

Add funds to your Prepaid card automatically or in person—it’s your call.
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Direct deposit

Call the number on the back of your card to get started.


Load funds at any ReadyLink location
Stack of three dollar bills illustration.

Tax refunds

Get your refund automatically deposited onto your card.

Payroll cards

Quick, secure access to your pay, even if you don’t have a bank account. Ask your employer to learn more.

Get paid faster

Your Visa Payroll card will be automatically funded every payday—even if you change jobs.
Hand at ATM keyboard.

Withdraw cash

It’s just like using your bank ATM card. Simply enter your PIN and select “Checking” to make a withdrawal.

Manage your card easily

You can add more cash to your Payroll card or even pay your bills anywhere you see the Visa Readylink logo.

Visa TravelMoney

The security of traveler’s checks plus the convenience of a Visa card.

Buxx cards

The Prepaid card that teaches teens how to manage their money.

Sign up and load

Add funds to the card online or by phone.
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Track spending

Parents can keep an eye on their teen’s spending online.
Illustration of a padlock with a dollar sign in the middle.

Replace lost cards

Your issuer will send a new card loaded with the remaining balance.

Visa Clear Prepaid Program

Visa Prepaid Card locations near you

See where you can get a Visa Prepaid card, load a card with ReadyLink or buy a Visa TravelMoney card.

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