Visa Commercial Pay. A suite of virtual B2B payment solutions

Improve cash flow and eliminate outdated manual processes with Visa Commercial Pay. It works across multiple business-spend use cases, from supplier payments to corporate travel and mobile payment options, to offer a solution that simplifies the way businesses manage payments.

With an easy-to-use interface, Visa Commercial Pay helps businesses to streamline operations, automate reconciliation, and communicate virtual card payment information, in one central and secure platform.

For B2B supplier payments

Experience greater accounts payable efficiency and improve the procurement process with Visa Commercial Pay.

Manage payments with virtual cards through an integrated platform that delivers automation and digitization of the purchasing and financial management processes.

How Visa Commercial Pay helps B2B supplier payments

Automated data matching

Increases the speed of reconciliation of payments.

Extending Days Payable Outstanding (DPO)

Improve your cash flow position with DPO.

Reduce Day Sales Outstanding

Enhance relationships by making payments to suppliers faster.

Ensure card use compliance

Enforce compliance with spend controls at the point of purchase.

Payment data visibility

Visa Commercial Pay offers you one platform for better visibility of payment data.

Automate processes

Reduce payment processing costs and time by automating and digitizing manual processes.

Accelerate the digital transformation of B2B supplier payments

Contact your issuer to learn more about how Visa Commercial Pay can enhance your commercial card program.