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Visa Digital Solutions

Visa Digital Solutions equip you with the tools you need to create, manage and accept secure digital payments in-store, online or in-app.
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Development programs

Programs that assist in the development of innovative payment solutions.

Mobile payment solutions

More than 80% of Americans would like to use their mobile phone for payments. Visa helps financial institutions, merchants and developers build and implement solutions meeting Visa’s requirements for mobile payments—with technologies such as Visa Token Service, an innovative Visa technology that was first introduced last fall and secures payments with a broad range of connected devices. The goal? Making purchases on mobile devices as simple, convenient and secure as swiping a plastic card.
Apple watch showing that it's ready to make a payment with a Visa card. Text says hold near reader to pay.

Apple Pay

Make convenient, on-the-go purchases with your compatible iPhone device.

Android Pay

Android Pay offers a safe and easy way to pay—with nearly any Android device.
Using Samsung Pay on mobile device at coffee shop.

Samsung Pay

A simple, secure way to make everyday purchases with your Visa on compatible Samsung devices.

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